Understanding EMR workflows and the delivery of comprehensive care

Understanding EMR workflows and the delivery of comprehensive care

Comprehensive care involves health professionals working together and communicating effectively to plan and coordinate care for our patients, using all available methods. 

While it’s not the only method, the EMR is one of the best tools we have to communicate and document the care we provide so your team members, and other clinicians associated with your patients’ care get the complete picture. 

The analogy our Chief Medical Information Officer and Program Director, EMR & Informatics, Associate Professor Michael Franco, likes to use:  

“Think of the EMR as a house that stores all patient information inside it. Each clinical group looks into the house through different windows, but we’re always looking into the same house, at the same time.” 

The windows in this case, are the views and workflows in the EMR that display and connect key comprehensive care touchpoints throughout a patient’s journey.  

Main EMR views 

The main EMR views provide all our clinical groups with key clinical information in a consistent format, including: 

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Specialised EMR view 

Different disciplines/clinical areas work differently and have different needs, which is why the EMR also provides specialised views for our clinical groups, including: 

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Demonstrating comprehensive care 

During Accreditation week, assessors may ask you to discuss and demonstrate how you deliver comprehensive care for your patients.  

Use it as an opportunity to showcase the collaborative clinical work we all do in caring for our patients. Discuss and take the assessors through the pages and views you use in the EMR, or any paper-based materials you use. 

To help, we’ve created simple, one-page, Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) that demonstrate how the EMR facilitates comprehensive care. 

The QRGs have been created for our medical, nursing and midwifery, pharmacy, allied health and administrative employees, and are available to download on the Accreditation website. 


Approved by Associate Professor Michael Franco.

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