It’s time to complete your Deteriorating Patient Training

It’s time to complete your Deteriorating Patient Training

For all clinicians, your Deteriorating Patient Training ensures you have the skills and confidence to accurately recognise clinical deterioration and provide an appropriate and timely response. 

Deteriorating Patient Training is a requirement for all patient-facing employees. 

Overall, 72% (9219) of employees have completed their training in the last 12 months, however not all disciplines have the same completion rates. Please ensure you and your teams are up to date with your Deteriorating Patient Training. 

  • 46% (1212) Doctors  
  • 80% (6301) Nurses and Midwives
  • 71% (962) Allied Health
  • 79% (249) Pharmacists
  • 72% (116) Clinical Support  

How do I access the training? 

Log in to Latte and the training module should appear on your homepage/dashboard. If not, search for ‘deteriorating patient’ in ‘Find Learning’, and open the deteriorating patient training specific to your area or speciality: 

  • Adult Basic Life Support 
  • Paediatric Basic Life Support 
  • Adult Advanced Life Support 
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support 
  • Neonatal First Response
  • Neonatal Advanced Resus 

If prompted, don’t forget to hit the ‘Reset Completion’ button before you re-complete the course, and feel free to pause and return to your course if you need.    

Latte can be accessed on-site or remotely via your computer, tablet or mobile device.  

Do I need to complete face-to-face training too? 

Face-to-face training will return in the second half of the year, but for now, completing the online components of your deteriorating patient training is all that is required. 

Planning is underway to safely re-introduce face-to-face training, however, until June 30, 2022, completion of the online component of your deteriorating patient training (excluding neonatal courses) will be considered as full completion of the course. 

Please note: A face-to-face practical session is still available for: 

  • Neonatal training 
  • Some new employees and postgraduate or local program students 

How do I record that I have completed my training? 

Once you pass the quiz, Latte will automatically log your completion. You can view this in your learning record on Latte or via the BI dashboard.  

Why is Deteriorating Patient Training important? 

Deteriorating Patient Training enhances your skills and confidence in accurately recognising clinical deterioration and providing an appropriate and timely response. 

It is a requirement for our clinical patient facing workforce, including all nursing, medical, allied health, radiography, pharmacy, psychology and community services employees.  

Ensuring you remain up to date with all mandatory and targeted training also ensures you are always Accreditation-ready.  

Where can I get more information?  

For more information about completing your Deteriorating Patient Training, please speak to your manager or contact 


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