Complete your mandatory and targeted training

Complete your mandatory and targeted training

Training is a critical part of delivering safe and effective care to our community.  

For most employees, training takes less than 90 minutes per year to complete, with many of the modules quick and easy to complete in bursts. Don’t forget that you can pause and return to a training module if you need, and that training can be accessed remotely.  

If you can, get into the habit of logging onto LATTE  regularly to check and complete your mandatory and targeted training. 

Mandatory v targeted training – what’s the difference? 

All Monash Health employees are required to complete their mandatory training, such as iBelong and fire training, regardless of their role.  

Targeted training is specific to your role, and you must complete the courses that have been allocated to you. 

On the LATTE homepage you will see a table of all the courses you are required to complete. You should have a 100% completion of all your training courses. 

What do I need to do? 

Log in to LATTE and identify any targeted training courses you are required to complete –these courses are automatically assigned to you based on your role. All courses with a ‘red dot’ in the status column are approaching their due date and should be completed before this date. 

All courses with a ‘green dot’ in the status column are up to date and do not need to be completed at this time.  

What if I haven’t been assigned the correct training modules? 

If you believe you haven’t been assigned to the correct training modules, please speak to your line manager. Your manager will look at the role you have been assigned in Position Management as this is used to allocate training. 

When do I need to complete my training by? 

Successfully completing your training is a critical part of delivering safe and effective care to our community. With Accreditation approaching, you are encouraged to work through the modules assigned to you as soon as possible and complete your assigned training courses before their due date. You are encouraged to work through the modules assigned to you as soon as possible. Your due dates will appear on your Latte dashboard and you will receive an automatic email notification reminding you of any upcoming our outstanding modules you need to complete.  

As training develops, additional programs will be added to LATTE, and these may be assigned to you, so please make it a habit to check in regularly for any additional requirements. LATTE will also send you notifications via email as a reminder when there is something new or when you are due to redo a package. 

If you need any help, or have a question about your training, please raise with your line manager. 

I’m a Manager, what do I need to do? 

Employees are responsible for completing their mandatory and targeted training; however, line managers are responsible for ensuring they follow up with employees and manage as required. As a manger, you should be regularly accessing the BI Portal to ensure your team members have completed their mandatory and targeted training.  

The training target (which includes both mandatory and targeted training) for all cost centres has been set at 90%. This target ensures all employees currently working (paid within the last three pay periods) have completed their training while making an allowance of 10% for employees on paid leave at any one time. With Accreditation approaching, it is important your teams have completed their targeted and mandatory training. 

More information, including the process and requirements for mandatory and targeted training is outlined in our Mandatory and Targeted Training procedure on PROMPT. 


Approved by Kate Macdermid.

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