Monash Health moving to quiet MET calls

Monash Health moving to quiet MET calls

From 8am on Monday, 21 June Monash Health will move to quiet MET calls for adult, paediatric and neonatal Medical Emergency Team (MET) calls. This change will apply to Monash Medical Centre, Monash Children’s Hospital, Casey Hospital, Dandenong Hospital, Moorabbin Hospital and Kingston Centre.

The change will improve patient experience by reducing the environmental noise in clinical areas and, crucially, ensure messaging is received as a priority by the first responders and medical and nursing teams caring for the patient.

The move to quiet MET calls will result in a tiered approach to messaging employees as follows:

  1. The designated MET team members identified in the:
    • Adult MET / Code Blue Procedure
    • Paediatric MET / Code Blue Procedure
    • Neonatal MET / Code Blue Procedure
  1. The Registrar and HMO of the bed card unit the patient is admitted under.
  2. The Nurse In Charge / ANM of the ward the patient is located on.

Messages will be delivered to designated Pagers / ASCOM phones / Mobile phones as SMS messages and are allocated to devices held by a person in a particular role rather than to individuals.

Please note:

  • MET call and Code Blue teams remain unchanged.
  • If there is no response to a MET call within 10 minutes, an overhead MET call will be announced.
  • All Adult and Paediatric Code Blues will remain as overhead announcements. Neonatal Code Blues (previously quiet) will now ALSO be overhead announcements.

This is also a great reminder for Managers to keep Kronos contact details for their employees up-to-date, especially modes of contact.

This change will be evaluated and re-assessed in 3 months. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact the Deteriorating patient governance committee.


Approved by Martin Keogh, Chief Operating Officer

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