Take aim with our Targeted Training BI Dashboard guide

Take aim with our Targeted Training BI Dashboard guide

Need some help accessing and using Power BI to find, monitor and report on targeted training? We’ve developed a new and easy-to-follow Power BI Targeted Training Dashboard’ Quick Reference Guide (QRG).

From how to access Power BI to filtering by course, program, cost centre and/or occupational groups, our new QRG will help you find reports and dashboards to identify and monitor targeted training.

Below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions around training and Power BI.

Mandatory v targeted training – what’s the difference?

All Monash Health employees are required to complete their mandatory training, such as iBelong and fire training, regardless of role.

Targeted training is specific to your role, and you must complete the courses that have been allocated to you.

How are training courses allocated?

Every employee is allocated an occupational category, specialty and management level in our Position Management database. We use this information to create audience groups. Targeted training courses are then allocated to the relevant audience group(s).

  • Employees – targeted training courses (as well as the mandatory courses) you are required to complete will be automatically assigned to you and featured under “My Required Learning” on your Latte homepage. If you believe you haven’t been assigned the correct training, please speak to your line manager.
  • Managers – if you have any concerns regarding the correct occupational category, specialty or management level details for your teams, please refer to the Position Management intranet page.

Have some of the course names in the BI reports changed?

Some of the names of Latte courses were not consistent with the names used in the Targeted Training reports and dashboards on Power BI.

It’s important to note that the course codes won’t change, but to improve reporting consistency, the BI team have updated the names/descriptions of a handful of courses (outlined below) to align with the course names in Latte.

Course codePrevious course description in BINew course description in BI
IQCP01Consumer ParticipationPartnering with Consumers
NMMP01Preventing Managing PresPrevent & Mng Pressure Injuries
NMTV01WEB-Fam Violence Workplace Response 1hrFamily Violence – Managers
PHMS01Medication SafetyIntro to High Risk Meds

Where can I get more information on Mandatory and Targeted training?

The process and requirements for mandatory and targeted training is outlined in the Mandatory and Targeted Training procedure on PROMPT. The procedure includes:

  • details of mandatory training courses applicable to employees
  • details of targeted training courses
  • the criteria for defining which employees are required to complete the courses
  • the approval process for course and audience group changes


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