Now is the time for a Give Me Five

Now is the time for a Give Me Five

Give Me Five or Annual Performance discussions are important conversations between you and your manager. They provide an opportunity to clarify expectations, ensure a shared understanding of your goals and aspirations, highlight your progress from previous conversations, identify growth opportunities and plan for the year ahead.

Quality Manager Standards, Audits, Rachel Vogelsang, presented at a recent employee forum reminding us to take time for these meaningful discussions.

“With accreditation approaching, it’s important to remember this should be a positive experience. One way you can help and ensure you feel prepared is by making some time with your manager for your Give Me Five discussion. These conversations not only provide you with an opportunity to discuss your goals and objectives, you can also use them to discuss accreditation and quality standards. If accreditation is something, you want to be more involved in, flag this with your manager during your discussion. I encourage everyone to book these discussions in today.” said Rachel.

What do you need to do?

  • If you have not had a recent Give me 5 book one in with your Manager
  • Book in a convenient time with your manager for your Give Me Five conversation (top tip: ensure it is clear of other meetings so you can have a relaxed conversation without looking at the clock).
  • Visit the Give Me Five pageof the COVID-19 employee website for some useful resources, guides and top tips on these conversations
  • Download the Give Me Five template and complete it ahead of your conversation. Don’t worry if there are gaps; the conversation is what’s important, not the piece of paper!  Please note; support services and security employees should download the Give Me Five template for support services and security.
  • Upon agreement with your manager, a record of a completed Give Me Five/Performance Review conversation can be added directly to HR 21/Employee Self Service by individual employees.

Managers can find helpful resources for completing these conversations on the Give Me Five page of the COVID-19 employee website and can check the status of their team via the ‘Mandatory training’ tab in the BI Portal.

Approved by Michael Holman 

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